Amped Wireless Setup | | or http// is the fastest growing brand in the field of providing excellent networking devices. These devices provide the proficient speed from the network sources. These extenders can also work smoothly, if and only when it can be placed in the mid-way of the extenders and the network source. Besides that, in order to setup your Amped wireless router or extender, firstly one needs to access the setup.ampedwireless graphical user interface. By navigating the Amped wireless web interface, the users can perform the different functions. In order to signify the type of connection among the amped router setup as well as Wi-Fi enabled device, there is an LED present on the Amped wireless router login. To examine the features of your Amped wireless range extender can easily be accessed through Once, the login page opens, it will ask you to enter the amped router username and password. Meanwhile, before entering the password in the corresponding fields, it is professional advice to change the default credentials. Because the default credentials are very much easy to guess by every normal user. Likewise, to other routers, the internet protocol address of the amped wireless range extender also holds the capacity to setup amped wireless management page.

Trying to connect your home device on Amped Wireless R10000 Router?

In this article, you will find the step by step instruction on how to connect your wired or wireless home devices like I-pad, tablet, smartphone, laptop on Amped SR10000 router. Amped made it very simple to connect your devices on amped Wi-Fi routers network by Plug and Play setup process. You can easily connect your computer on the AC2600 Wi-Fi router network by two simple methods. The first method is wirelessly and the other one is through Ethernet cable (Wired Connection). Before starting the process, please read the notes carefully to avoid interruption in between the process.
  • There should be an active internet connection from the Internet service provider.
    Make sure the power light is lit and stable on your Amped R10000 router.
    You must have all the necessary information about your router such as Wireless Network name and WiFi password (Security Key). If you’re trying to connect your home device for the first time, then please use the default network wireless settings, you can find default network information on manual slip or on the router itself.

To connect your computer on Amped R10000 Wi-Fi router network



  • wireless settings on your device.
  • view available wireless networks.
  • Locate the wireless network of your router. The default Wireless Network name (Network ID) for Amped routers is like
  • Select your default Amped Wireless network and click on
  • Enter the default password or WPA Security Key. The default password or WPA Security Key for Amped Amped SR10000 is wireless
  • Click on Enter to complete the task.

Now your device is connected on the Amped R10000 routers network and you may now use the access of your router network. If there is any problem with connecting your computer and home devices on the Amped R10000 routers network, we will suggest you power off the router for at least one minute and then turn it on. Now follow the same processor on your devices to connect them on the Amped


Get the Ethernet cable which is included in the product package.
Connect one end of the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of the router.
Connect the other end of Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port of your device.
Make sure you connect the Ethernet into the right Port.
Now you will see a small icon on your computer which indicates to you that your computer is connected to the internet.
To confirm the internet connection, please open any website.

Your Plug and Play setup process is complete now. If you met with any difficulties in between the setup process, please contact the support team.

The common issue with connecting your devices on the Amped router network….

Network name of the router not showing on device
Router not accepting Wi-Fi password
Can’t access internet on connected devices
The router network disappeared sometimes. Dropping WiFi signal
Unable to connect the device through WPS button
Slow speed on few corner of your house
Connection drops at a random time and place.
Router crash regularly not working not working

If you are trying to access and you are not able to open it through your computer web browser, then we suggest you follow the following troubleshooting steps. Sometimes you get a common error while accessing such as getting 404 Error, page not loading, getting different search options, internet not connected, private network not secure, login error, etc. You can access on any home device that is connected through wired or on wirelessly on your Amped wireless router. By following below troubleshooting steps correctly, you will get working through a web browser. Please read the important notes before trying to access web page.

Important Tips

Make sure that your device is connected to the amped router home network.
It is always recommended to use a wired connection to access setup.amped
If your device is connected wirelessly, ensure that it should be in complete range.
Always use an updated browser.

To get Dashboard

USE IP ADDRESS If is not working, then you can access the web page of your router through the IP address of your router. The default IP address is for all Amped wireless routers.

Plug out Your Amped Router Please power off your router by pressing the Power On/Off button on the router and then plug out your amped router from the power source for a minimum of one minute. Plug it back in and turn it on, now you will need to connect your device again and try again to access through or IP address.

Plug out Ethernet Cable You can follow this method only if you are trying to access through a wired device. First, you need to plug out the cable from your computer’s Internet port which is coming directly from the router and also plug out the internet cable from the router’s internet port which is coming directly from the internet service provider modem.

Reset your router If is still not working and you tried every possible step including changing internet browser, router power on/off, Use Ip Address then resetting your router is your last option but you need to reset your router very carefully. Please use the reset router option always as the last troubleshooting settings, because if the reset process is done incorrectly, it may damage your router. To reset your router properly, please locate the tiny hole on the back panel of your router, press, and hold it using a paperclip for 15 seconds. Release the button once lights on the router start blinking and wait for 2-3 minutes, rebooting process usually takes two or three minutes and do not press any button on your in-between the reset process.

Once your router is reset and you get the internet connection back on your device, please open the web browser. In some cases, the web browser will directly redirect you to the page, in case your web browser did not redirect then type it manually or you can enter into the web address bar.

We hope these steps will help you to access

By accessing the, you can manage the router wireless settings such as changing admin and WiFi password, Set up new wireless network names, Firmware updates, change channel ports, view connected devices information, block and access devices, manage parental control.

Trying to login to your Amped R10000 WiFi Router?

If you are trying to login to your Amped SR10000 WiFi router web page to change/update the settings of it but you are not getting the right page then you can follow the below troubleshooting tips. To login to your Amped SR10000 WiFi, please ensure that the router is powered on and the power light is lit solid. By login into your router web page, you can access features and configure all the router settings easily. Please follow the below basic steps to login to your amped router.

To login to your Amped R10000 Wireless router web page.

version of the internet browser.
disable the wireless connection. or into the web address bar and press enter.
Now the web browser will redirect you to the login page to enter the username and admin password.

Note:- If the web page fails to open the login page is not working, then please check the proxy settings on your computer or try to open it with another web browser.

Enter the Username and password in the required fields. The default username is admin and password is password in lowercase.

Note:- Please note that the admin password is different from the WiFi password. Do not use WiFi as an admin password. You can find the default router login values on the manual sticker or on the back panel of your router.

Click on Login. Now you are logged in your router Amped SR10000 Wireless router.

Common issues while login into a router web page. sr10000

 Wrong IP address.
Check proxy and firewall settings.
Page not loading.
Page error 404.
No internet connection error.
Error 500.
Private Network not secured.
Unwanted page options.
The modem login page opens up.
Not accepting Login credentials.

Common issues with Amped Router R10000 Wireless Router. not working
Default Network Security Key or WiFi password not working
The router is not accepting admin password
Unable to setup router
Home devices are not connecting wirelessly on the router
Can’t log in into the
Can’t change Wi-Fi password on the router
Not able to Upgrade the latest firmware
Amped router not connecting to the internet is not working
Amped router cannot detect the modem
Getting slow on wireless devices
Router not working after Firmware update
Can’t access the login page
Slow speed on amped router
Not able to connect computer/ phone after router reset
Not able to do reset on my router
Can’t configure router setup page
Wi-Fi light not blinking on router
Power light is showing red on the router
Unable to get Amped Smart Setup Wizard

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How to change basic Wi-Fi settings of 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz on your Amped R10000 router?

This article provides you step by step instructions on how to change basic Wi-Fi settings of 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz on your Amped RTA2600 router. You can easily change 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Settings of your router through the Amped web-based interface on any computer. Make sure that your device is connected to the Amped RTA2600 local network. You can change the basic settings such as Disable Wireless connection, Hide Network name (SSID), changing Wireless Network ID (SSID), etc

Steps to change basic Wi-Fi settings of 2.4GHz local wireless network.

Open a web browser on your device connected to the router 2.4GHz local wireless network. We highly recommend you to use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari
Type into the web address bar and press enter. This URL goes to the Amped Login windows asking you to enter the Login credentials.
Enter the Username and admin password as admin in lowercase.
Click on Login
The Dashboard of your Amped router displays on your device screen and provides you basic information regarding router and internet connection.
On the router dashboard, Click on Wireless and then choose 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Settings.
On the Basic 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Settings page you can view or change the Wi-Fi settings dashboard

Disable 2.4GHz Wireless Connections If you disable the 2.4GHz Wireless Connection of your router, then no one is able to connect their devices on this network.
Band You can select the band as per your needs.
Broadcast SSID To hide the visibility of Network name (SSID) of your router network, click on Disable or click on Enable to show the visibility of your 2.4GHz Wireless network.
Wireless Network ID (SSID) Set the name of your 2.4GHz wireless network. You can use this Wireless Network ID (SSID) to access your router local wireless network.
Channel Number You can set the specific wireless channel by using the drop-down arrow.
WMM You can use this option to prioritize internet data to a particular device.

Steps to change basic Wi-Fi settings of 5.0GHz local wireless network.

Login into the web-interface of your Amped router. If you don’t know how to log in, please follow the 1, 2, 3, and 4 steps of the above article.
Click on Wireless and then choose 5.0GHz Wi-Fi Settings.
Disable 5.0GHz Wireless Connections To turn off the 5.0GHz activity completely.
Band Select the compatible speed for your 5.0GHz Wireless Connections.
Broadcast SSID Click on Enable to show the visibility of the router network or select disables to hide it.
Wireless Network ID (SSID) Set the name of your 5.0GHz wireless local network
Channel Number Use the drop-down arrow to select the Channel number.
WMmPrioritize internet data to a particular device by using the drop-down arrow option.
Associated Clients -It shows the total wireless active connection to your Amped router 5.0GHz wireless network
Tx Beamforming -You can Enable or Disable Beamforming capacity on capable devices.
MU-MIMO Enable or disable Multi-User MIMO. This feature on the 5.0GHz wireless network helps to send data to different devices together.

The common issue with connecting your devices on the Amped router network….

Network name of the router not showing on device
Router not accepting Wi-Fi password
Unable to get internet on connected devices
Router network name keep in and out
Dropping WiFi signal